Advance Planning

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Advance Planning

Advance estate planning can be a neglected part of financial planning and planning for future eldercare or medical emergencies.

Advance estate plans are often used by entrepreneurs and individuals who seek to protect valuable assets or provide care and assistance to minor children, grandchildren, dependent adults, elderly family members, Medicare spend down, or tax and creditor safe harbors.

Successful business owners often want family businesses to pass to their heirs or provide financial security to family members for generations to come. We advise our business clients to adopt a company succession plan. Our business and estate attorneys often intersect in this area, allowing our succession plans and estate plans seamless integration.

Individuals who have well-established retirement funds, investment accounts, social security, or Medicare typically want to decrease tax liabilities while avoiding particular spend-down requirements to continue receiving government benefits and health insurance.

A proper trust is usually the answer to secure these goals. Our estate planning team would love to speak in-depth with you about your unique situation and answer any questions you may have.

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