Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

We find that most clients wish to leave an inheritance with explicit instruction for loved ones regarding the distribution or gifting of their positions after passing on. However, statics show that an alarming 64% of Americans lack proper estate planning or have no estate planning at all.

If you pass without a will or proper estate plan, this is called intestacy or intestate.

Intestate refers to dying without a legal will. When a person dies in intestacy, determining the distribution of the deceased’s assets becomes the responsibility of a probate court. An intestate estate is also one in which the will presented to the court was deemed invalid.

Probate can last up to 12 months and longer depending on the complexity of the estate or if creditors, the government, former spouse, or undetermined children appear to challenge the estate.

Most, if not all, of these strenuous scenarios, can be avoided with proper estate planning.

Estate planning tends to be an uncomfortable topic that SAGlaw staff are equipped to guide you through with sensitivity, compassion, and patience.

We provide estate planning for individuals and business owners, simple wills to advance trust and asset protection.