General Counsel Services

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General Counsel Services

A companies General Counsel or (GC) is a department of on-staff attorneys hired to provide numerous types of legal services and manages legal actions affecting the company. The GC functions as a company’s in-house law firm that can deliver on-demand legal advice and counsel to the board of directors, officers, and high-level employees. Many small to mid-size businesses outsource General Counsel duties to independently contracted law firms such as SAGlaw. Businesses do this as a cost-saving mechanism for the company to avoid the increased operational cost, higher business taxes, and employee payroll tax responsibilities.

No business should operate without access to proper and competent legal representation.

SAGlaw has committed to providing our clients experienced, reliable and affordable options for outsourced General Counsel services. We have a selection of General Counsel Packages designed to provide services for any company with flexible payment options designed to integrate with your fiscal budget.

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